Rural and Remote Innovation

Innovation, creativity and social development in remote and rural areas.

Rural and remote areas are often portrayed as playing a game of "catching up" with urban areas. With this perspective, the city is the benchmark and defines the objectives to aspire to. East of Moon's approach is to turn this assumption on it's head.

From the belief that innovation and creativity should not be a minority activity, East of Moon and it's participants have worked extensively within remote and rural areas. Among the activites have been questioning assumptions of value, developing narratives around rural and remote places, and experimenting with new types of institutions, projects and methods that enable creativity and devlopment in rural and remote places.

Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Rural Iceland

Between 2021 and 2023, East of Moon lead a research and development project aimed at developing and identifying practical ways to foster ecoystems of innovation in rural Iceland. The project brought together entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, community leaders and students to cocreate ways to support innovation in rural areas. The project was a host for the emergene of various threads of enquiery and experimentation, and which outputs will be disseminated in the coming years.


A visit from Greenland


East of Moon office has had it's first official foreign visit from the business development offices of Greenlandic municpalities Qeqertalik Business Council A/S and Sermersooq Business. We are always excited about talking about developing the communties in the north with inspiring people.
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