Innovation for People: Keynote

Arnar delivers the keynote speech at City of Reykjavík's "Innovation for people" event.

Arnar Sigurðsson (East of Moon) was invited to deliver the keynote speech at City of Reykjavík's Innovation for people (Nýsköpun fyrir fólk) seminar. The event was held to give insights into the digital transformation and innovation processes occuring at all levels of the city's operations.

In his talk, captioned "The right to make mistakes" and subsequent panel discussions, Arnar championed the importance of creativity and experimentation within the public sector, and concluded with a radical vision of innovation processes where not only people's needs are taken into account in the creative process, but where people themselves are the main actors. Just as the right to vote for parties and policies has been defined as a civil right, so the right to make our own mistakes should be defined as the right of all citiziens.