East of Moon

A laboratory for community centred innovation

A laboratory for community centred innovation

It wants to create new things, but its not interested in growth for its own sake. It would like to ask questions that are not knowable, but would like the answers to affect our present reality. It wants to be part of change without being limited to the frameworks set up to do that.

While East of Moon is a vehicle in the form of a company, and the integrity of the vehicle must be protected, it's principal motto is that of Comte de Lautreamont:

“Poetry must be made by all, not by one”


Mission-Oriented Innovation

Innovation to solve grand societal challenges.

Rural and Remote Innovation

Innovation, creativity and social development in remote and rural areas.

Work and/or Creativity

Creativity as work and challenges of creative workers.

Artistic Production

Production of films and other media and artistic outputs.


Organizing for Creatives: Winter Schedule signup


Below, you can find the workshop’s plan for the winter. It includes 3 group meetings and 2 self-study assignments. Workshops are addressed to artists, freelancers, designers, educators, students, and people who find it hard to call themselves workers. The aim of each workshop is to give participants tools to self-organize and organize in solidarity with others.
Read more
Satellites: Islandia zanimowana


z Eweliną Leszczyńską rozmawia Anna Marjankowska Read more.
Missions.dev tested in City Library


The Reykjavik City Library together with East of Moon experimented with using missions.dev as a tool within the Opið Samtal project to engage citizens in creative problem solving. The challenge worked on was: "What counts as a neutral language in a multi-cultural workplace?" Read more.
Innovation for People: Keynote


Arnar delivers the keynote speech at City of Reykjavík's "Innovation for people" event. Read more.
A visit from Greenland


East of Moon office has had it's first official foreign visit from the business development offices of Greenlandic municpalities Qeqertalik Business Council A/S and Sermersooq Business. We are always excited about talking about developing the communties in the north with inspiring people. Read more.


Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Rural Iceland

A R&D project in collaboration with researchers, universities and entrepreneurs.


A software service to engage communities in mission-oriented innovation.

In Residence in the Arctic

A digital platform to connect remote communities in the Arctic with new residents.

Remote and Rural Areas of Europe together

Connecting remote and rural areas of Europe together to learn and collaborate.

Documentary film: Machine workshop

A short documentary about the machine worskhop in Þingeyri and it's last blacksmith (in production).

Satellites: Podcast on creativity and community

A discussion and ideas and current affairs.

Seer and the Unseen

A feature length documentary East of Moon was a co-producer of.

Organising for Creatives

A series of workshops using methods of labour organising for creative people.