East of Moon

A laboratory for community centred innovation

It wants to create new things, but it's not interested in growth for it's own sake. It would like to ask questions that are not knowable, but would like the answers to effect our present reality. It wants to be part of change without being limited to the frameworks set up to do that.

While East of Moon is a vehicle in the form of a company, and the integrity of the vehicle must be protected, it's principal motto is that of Comte de Lautreamont:

“Poetry must be made by all, not by one”


Missions.dev (Hugmyndaþorp)

A co-creation solution for engaging communities in mission-oriented innovation.

It's a digial platform that is being adopted by community leaders, public organizations, incubators and hackathons.

Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Rural Iceland

A two year collaborative Research and Development project aimed at developing transferable ways to foster innovation in rural Iceland.

In collaboration with researchers, universities and entrepreneurs.

Experiment #5

To be determined.

Experiment #5.2

To be determined.